Kelsey. 15. Similar to the average teenage girl, just sadder and dumber.



  • the mitochondria are not “deep”
  • the mitochondria are not “quirky”
  • the mitochondria are the fucking powerhouse of the cell

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I wish he was my boyfriend
I wish he was my boyfriend
I’d love him till the very end
But instead he is just a friend
I wish he was my boyfriend

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Should you tip your delivery drive? Yes. Yes you should. 
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"I went through media training, and I hated it. They’d teach you how to change the subject, whenever you were asked an uncomfortable question, by saying something like, “Oh, that reminds me of my dog! I have a great story about my dog!” Playing dumb is the best way of getting out of anything.”

Joe Jonas.




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i feel like this is really important

Delphine LaLaurie was a sadistic socialite who lived in New Orleans. Her home was a chamber of horrors. On April 10, 1834, a fire broke out in the mansion’s kitchen, and firefighters found two slaves chained to the stove. They appeared to have started the fire themselves, in order to attract attention. The firefighters were lead by other slaves to the attic, where the real surprise was. Over a dozen disfigured and maimed slaves were manacled to the walls or floors. Several had been the subjects of gruesome medical experiments. One man appeared to be part of some bizarre sex change, a woman was trapped in a small cage with her limbs broken and reset to look like a crab, and another woman with arms and legs removed, and patches of her flesh sliced off in a circular motion to resemble a caterpillar. Some had had their mouths sewn shut, and had subsequently starved to death, whilst others had their hands sewn to different parts of their bodies. Most were found dead, but some were alive and begging to be killed, to release them from the pain. LaLaurie fled before she could be bought to justice – she was never caught.



Wow yes


a zoo of dogs dressed up as other animals

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